Introduction to 3D Art

So, you wanna be a 3D artist?

3D art is created by manipulating polygon meshes and molding them into objects, characters, and scenes. 3D art is used in everything from print ads, to web sites, television, movies, video games, and beyond.

So, what does it take to be a 3D artist? Well, obviously, you must have an eye for art. Most people who begin learning how to do 3D have some kind of background in drawing and sketching. Indeed, it’s not unheard of for 3D studios to hire artists who have no experience in 3D art, based solely on the strength of a pencil drawing portfolio. Sculptors, who were previously limited to animatronics and claymation to enter the realm of live-action art, also tend to have an easy time making the transition to 3D. Read more

Expert Software Programmers

Slowly yet firmly, computers and software technology are taking over the reins of numerous functions and activities that influence our daily lives critically. If in the past, this ever extending world was considered a luxury, in this day and age, it has become an indispensable presence in both our personal and professional lives. Technology trends have the potential to change industry landscapes for any businessman or company out there by offering unlimited ways to differentiate themselves from competitors, by enabling stronger customer relationships, by improving loyalty, by introducing new channels, by enhancing productivity and the list may go on indefinitely. Read more

How to Find Professional Website Development Services

We live in the Internet era, where a business has poor chances of being successful, unless it is on the world wide web. To that extent, many business owners are taking the leap, wanting to build a website for their businesses, one that will attract customers or clients and will increase the profits of the business. However, building a site is not such a piece of cake and, if you want the site to rise to your expectations and give the desired results, then you need to contract professional website development services. Read more

How to Write an Article for SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a technique used in web publishing to increase a webpages visibility and traffic, which results in a higher ranking in search engines and more readers. Writing an article for Search Engine Optimization requires first and foremost good writing skills in order to make the article itself interesting and pleasant to read; second, the strategic placing of key phrases or keywords in the text; and third, the inclusion of hyperlinks to and from external sources that will boost the readership of your page. Read the following steps to find out how to write an article for Search Engine Optimization. Read more

Things to Do After Writing a Blog Post

You’ve just finished writing a great new blog post. You’re excited that you’ve shared your ideas and expertise with the world. But what should you do next?

As we work with companies to develop a regular content marketing and social engagement routine, blogging is always key. A strong corporate blog can pay big dividends in the form of increased customer engagement and search engine rankings. But what many companies forget is the “marketing” part of content marketing. Read more