Things to Do After Writing a Blog Post

You’ve just finished writing a great new blog post. You’re excited that you’ve shared your ideas and expertise with the world. But what should you do next?

As we work with companies to develop a regular content marketing and social engagement routine, blogging is always key. A strong corporate blog can pay big dividends in the form of increased customer engagement and search engine rankings. But what many companies forget is the “marketing” part of content marketing.

Even Great Content Can Go Unnoticed

We would like to think after hitting “publish” on a new post that the seas will part, angels will sing and Moses will lead customers straight into our shopping carts. But that’s obviously not going to happen.

In reality, the only people who know your post is there are you and your RSS subscribers. After a while, a search engine spider will come along and your post will begin jockeying for search-engine position among the thousands of other web pages related to that same topic. Sure, your post is probably groundbreaking, but Google might not figure that out for months.

Rather than rely solely on search engines and a handful of subscribers to pump up your organic volume, content publishers need to establish syndication connections and plan for some targeted promotion to ensure that each piece of content gets noticed by key influencers and your ideal customers.

Blog Post Promotional Tools: Your 12-Step Checklist

  1. SEO / Keyword integration
  2. Syndication
  3. Shorten your post’s URL
  4. Status updates
  5. Content teasers on other sites
  6. Social bookmarking
  7. Seek out and comment on other blogs with similar topics
  8. Seek and assist on Twitter
  9. Email signature
  10. Share your blog post with target customers
  11. Add your blog post to your next e-newsletter
  12. Ask other bloggers to mention your post